We are one of the fastest growing conglomerates in the world!


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Great Orion's Mission

We believe that opportunity without structure is chaos. Our mission is to engage in the acquisition and development of fragmented industries, structuring them and providing extraordinary services while exceeding the industry standard with innovative implantations in business.

Great Orion's Strategy

To grow at a rapidly increasing rate by vigorously acquiring companies in the listed industries.

We are concentrating our efforts on existing companies with production and contracts.

We are consolidating the industry and plan to acquire between 15 and 20 firms in the US and expand to international markets.

We will continue acquiring the firms throughout 2022 and plan to go public in the Spring of 2026.

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Business Model

With so many moving parts, the need to stay on track and be organized is what we do best at Great Orion.

Great Orion is leveraged with new funding and is designed to give maximum value to owners and principals involved in each acquisition.


Strategy Planning

Our first step is to find the fragmented market structure, potential opportunities, and see what types of revenues and bottom-line costs would be affected by profit margins.


Due Diligence

We start to keep our ears to the ground in search for acquisitions, we do our due diligence in investigations with principals, strategic viewpoints, financials, litigations, etc.


Acquisition & Controlled Expansion

Once the project is underway, we're here to manage both the day-to-day workflow and the big picture priorities. We also support our people to learn the principles of project management, so they can take ownership of the process from start to finish while still expanding.


Our Team

Our Board of Directors is decorated with world-renowned professionals who turned companies to multi-billion dollar conglomerates

We are one of the fastest growing conglomerates in the world!

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